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River Runs Through It

       For Confluence Park in Denver’s Lower Downtown neighborhood this installation consists of eight cast concrete panels that come together to form an engaging 3D wall mural. The 3D mural draws inspiration from the South Platte River and the rocks depicted are modeled after actual rocks found in the river. Colorful stains were applied by hand for a vibrant end result. The final work is a celebration of the important role the river plays in the community.

        Early on in the design process, I led a series of community-based workshops that engaged Denver youth in the creation of clay river rocks inspiring participants to think about river rocks as potential works of art. This project was made possible thanks to funding from the Colorado Parks Foundation.

14_November 03, 2023.jpg
03_November 03, 2023.jpg
03_November 03, 2023.jpg
17_November 03, 2023.jpg
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